Looking for a good casino app for United States players?

Discussion in 'Android Casino Games' started by Rosemary, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Toby82

    Toby82 New Member

    I know some of the USA friendly online casino offer tournaments via their online sites but what about casino tournaments on mobile devices? I'm especially interested in Free Roll tournaments.
  2. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Both Drake and Gossip Slots runs a wide range of casino tournaments throughout the day, including free rolls. Sign-up today to start playing real money casino games on your smartphone in the United States of America.
  3. Kicking King

    Kicking King New Member

    what is the legal gambling age at these sites for an american? does it depend on the website or which country you are from?
  4. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    The legal gambling age in the United States varies from State to State and even on the type of gambling. DraftKings and FanDuel allow sports bettors of 18 years or older. In Las Vegas you can gamble at most casino when you're 18 although some higher end casinos only permit those 21 and over.
  5. Umair

    Umair New Member

    do offshore Android casino care what age you are? since they're basically operating illegally in the united states why would they care if you are 16 or 17?
  6. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Most casinos that service US gamblers want to fly under the radar as much as possible. The last thing they need is to be accused of serving underage gamblers so they are probably more strict that totally legal internet casinos.
  7. Stevo

    Stevo Member

    do any of the US mobile casinos accept bitcoin?
  8. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

  9. Zeta

    Zeta Member

    do any of these mobile casinos offer live dealer games?
  10. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Sadly many of the big name US facing casino like Drake and IgnitionCasino do not support live games. If you want to live dealer games in the USA, you should take a look at these recommended bitcoin casinos.

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