What is the legal age for mobile gambling on my phone?

Discussion in 'General Android Gambling Discussion' started by One Direction, May 2, 2012.

  1. One Direction

    One Direction New Member

    I've just got a brand new Sony Xperia S android phone and I've been installing apps of all descriptions, including gambling apps. So far I've downloaded the Paddy Power app and the Bwin Poker apps.

    I'm 17 at the moment (I'll be 18 in September) so can anyone tell me what the legal as is for mobile betting in the United Kingdom. Is it the same as age requirement for betting online or in a bookmakers?

    With the European Championships coming up I'd like to be able to place the odd bet from my phone. The Olympics are also being held in London this summer so it would also be great to have a sports betting app for that.
  2. Donald

    Donald Member

    I don't think there is one universal legal ago for mobile betting. It will depend on the laws in your jurisdiction. I know that in the United States the legal age for online gambling varies from state to state. In New York for instance it is 18 while if you go to the gambling mecca that is Las Vegas you need to be 21. I think the legal gambling age in Canada is 19 although I could be wrong.

    Anyway, it will depend wholly on where you are living. I'm guessing from your interest in the Olympics you are based in the UK?
  3. One Direction

    One Direction New Member

    Thanks for the info Donald. Yes, I live in Manchester. I know the legal age for placing bets in a bookmakers is 18 but you are allowed to buy lottery tickets when you are 16 so I'm not sure what the legal age is for mobile sports betting.
  4. Donald

    Donald Member

    I'm pretty sure the legal age would be 18 for mobile betting also....
  5. The Don

    The Don Member

    I think in some jurisdictions it is only 17
  6. frankly

    frankly Member

    well you're going to need a credit card to use any of the gambling apps and as far as i'm aware banks don't give these to children so i don't think it's an issue.
  7. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Bitcoin is completely anonymous and anyone can purchase the currency, even minors, so I wonder how online gambling sites will police the various age restrictions?
  8. Poker Newbie

    Poker Newbie New Member

    But how is a minor supposed to buy Bitcoin if they don't own a bank account or if they don't have credit cards?
  9. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    I still haven't figured out how to buy Bitcoin and I'm almost 40 so I wouldn't worry too much about minors using the currency to start gambling.
  10. Donald

    Donald Member

    does my legal gambling age change if i go on vacation to another country or does it depend on which country i'm a citizen of?
  11. Donald

    Donald Member

    If the US government doesn't consider DraftKings or FanDuel to be gambling sites then does that mean that there are no age restrictions? Can an 11 year old enter a fantasy sports betting contest?
  12. Luck

    Luck New Member

    No you need to be at least 18 to bet with any of these fantasy betting sites. Alabama and Nebraska citizens need to be at least 19. Most teens don't have credit cards anyway so it would be difficult for them to fund their betting accounts.
  13. frankly

    frankly Member

    At bitcoin gambling sites they don't even ask you for your age. They just look for a username and password and that's it. Totally anonymous.
  14. Alex

    Alex Member

    I think it's unfair to blame bitcoin for underage gambling. Many kinds in the US now have access to credit cards or they can buy prepaid ones to use online pretty easily.

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