What are the gambling restrictions?

Discussion in 'General Android Gambling Discussion' started by Umair, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Umair

    Umair New Member


    Can anyone tell me the exact gambling restrictions for Google Play/Android Market? I know that real-money texas hold'em, casino and sportsbook applications are totally banned in Google Play but what about apps that compare odds or provide information and reviews on various mobile gambling sites?

    Also, I have a gambling related forum that I can convert to an app using the vBulletin Forum Runner feature. If I create this Android forum app will Google list it in their app store?

  2. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Umair,

    Google do publish a Google Play Developer Program Policies document which you can find here.

    In relation to Gambling it states "We don’t allow content or services that facilitate online gambling, including but not limited to, online casinos, sports betting and lotteries."

    Hope that helps :)
  3. Oliver

    Oliver New Member

    I'm not surprised that Google do not allow real-money gambling applications but I'm surprised that they also don't allow "content" that facilitates online gambling. If someone wants to create a tutorial app on how to win money at Texas Hold'em I think they should be able to publish it on Google Play.
  4. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, I agree but I guess it's just easier and cheaper to ban all gambling related apps rather than having to vet every gambling related app that is submitted. Most gambling apps are free anyway so they're not losing any revenue.
  5. Rosemary

    Rosemary Member

    Is there any way to add an age restriction to Android phones to stop children downloading gambling or porn apps? If I was going to buy a smartphone for a teenager, I think I would opt for an iPhone 3 or 4 because Apple seem to be much stricter about allowing apps with adult content into their app store.
  6. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Rosemary, yes Apple devices operate in a closed system so your child will not be able to download any gambling or porn apps to an iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, there are plenty of web apps available with similar content so buying an iOS devices isn't going to solve your problem as long so your child has access to the internet with the smartphone. If cost is a consideration then you are probably better off buying them a cheap, entry level Android phones.
  7. Mad Man

    Mad Man New Member

    What about Google Glass and the Apple iWatch? Will there be restrictions on gambling content for those wearable devices?
  8. Poker Newbie

    Poker Newbie New Member

    For the Apple Watch, Apple will probably will allow you to install gambling apps providing you live in counties like the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and anywhere else where online gambling is legal. If you're living in the US you might have to wait a little longer before you can play slots or bet on your favorite football using the wearable technology.
  9. Donald

    Donald Member

    most gambling sites now favor web apps that will work on any type of windows phone, ios or android device because they're much cheaper to develop and they work just as well.
  10. Luck

    Luck New Member

    Can someone tell me why it's possible to download the draft kings app from Google Play in the USA when sports bettors in the UK can't download legal bookmakers apps like William Hill or Paddy Power in their country?
  11. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    In the US there is a legal loophole for fantasy sports betting because it is considered to be skill based rather than gambling. About a dozen states including New York, Nevada and Idaho have already banned FanDuel and DrafKings.

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