Watch live horse racing graphic simulations for free via the Bet365 mobile app

Discussion in 'Android Horse Race Betting' started by Sebastian, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    If you would like to follow a particular race on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, Be365 have introduced a new service that streams real-time live graphic simulations of horse races to any phone or tablet. You can watch actual races in the form of a cartoon that shows which horses are in the lead, how many furlongs are left and which horses are showing pace. Bet365 also offer live in-play betting odds incase you'd like to have a punt during the race.

    Obviously, Bet365 don't have the necessary broadcasting rights to live stream actual video of horse races so this seems like an excellent alternative if you don't want to place the minimum £1 bet to access the live video stream. You can also listen to the commentary of each race for free from your phone via the Bet365 Audio Centre. The best thing is you don't even need to have an account with the online bookmaker in order to watch or listen.

    Here is a screenshot of the new feature in action

    1. Browse to Bet365 on your smartphone
    2. Selecting "Horse Racing" from the quick access menu at the top.
    3. Select the "In-Play" option to be view all the current races
    4. Select the particular race you are interested in from the list. Live betting odds will display along with a virtual cartoon of the race that will play out in real-time. There is no betting requirement.
    Find out more about the Bet365 horse race betting app by reading our full review
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  2. Kicking King

    Kicking King New Member

    This is a really nice feature that I had no idea existed. If you combine it with the free audio commentary it's the next best thing to paying for the live stream. The graphics are also available for soccer, basketball, tennis and a bunch of other sports. For anyone interested in live betting it really does give you a good idea of who is in control of a particular game or match.
  3. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    I totally agree. I've often thought that in-play betting of a match was foolish because quiet often the scoreline tells you very little about who is dominating a game. Thanks to the graphics and stats you can now see at a glance who has the most possession, shots on target, misses, fouls, red cards etc. This type of data will give you a much better indication about who is likely to win the game.
  4. Poker God

    Poker God Member

    Ladbrokes have introduced a similar service now although I think it's just limited to soccer matches.
  5. Kicking King

    Kicking King New Member

    Is this service only available for races in the UK and Ireland or can you also follow racing from the USA, Australia, France etc?
  6. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Bet365 cash out is now available for horse racing from their website or app. With cash outs you also can partially cash out if you feel you've bet too much on a particular horse. This service give players more control over their bets by letting them take particle payment before a race ends. Cash out is only available on selected horse races.
  7. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Bet365 customers now have full access to the entire "At The Races" and "RacingUK" racing databases. You can watch replays of tens of thousands of previous races from Ireland and the United Kingdom for free.
  8. The Don

    The Don Member

    is this service also available for horse races from the united states and australia?
  9. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    I think this service is only available for Irish and British horse races. However, there are other apps that stream horse racing live from both the USA and Australia.

    If you want to watch live horse races for free from racetracks in Melbourne and the entire provence of Victoria on your phone then all you need is an account with SportsBet. Read more about this service in our SportsBet discussion thread

    If you want to watch live horse racing from dozens of racetracks in the USA then simply download the "Horse Races Now" app from Google Play or the App Store on iTunes. It's free.

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