Top NFL betting apps for the new American football season

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    The Seattle Seahawks start the new NFL season as favourites to retain the Super Bowl championship. Have the Denver Broncos improved their defences enough to return to the Super Bowl. This year the New Orleans Saints look like they could be real contenders, while the New England Patriots who came close last year will be hoping to finish the job in 2015. To mark the start of the new season, we're taking a look at the top NFL betting apps for tips, stats, live betting, video streaming and more. We'd love to here any recommendations that you have too....


    Bovada previously operated in the United States under the name of Bodog. Bodog/Bovada are one of the oldest and most trusted brands in U.S. online sports betting. Their iOS/Android/Windows Phone/Blackberry compatible bookmaker app is installed straight from your phones browser. Bovada offer a wide variety of betting lines, including NFL Football In-Play, NFL Player Props, NFL Team Props and NFL Exhibition.


    We've examined quiet a few tipping apps for the National Football League and we feel that the free Online Betting Guide Guide (OLBG) app for iPhone, iPad and Android is the best option. While most most betting advice apps reply on the knowledge of a small team of tipsters, the OLBG app uses the combined betting knowledge of hundreds of NFL bettors. You can also check the betting record of each tipster to see how successful they have been in the past.


    TheScore is the ultimate free app for all the latest news, scores, statistics, alerts and more for the NFL, CPL and NCAA. The app is completely configurable if you just want to get news on specific teams like the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers or the Philadelphia Eagles etc.


    This peer-to-peer betting apps is available for both iPhone and Android and allows you to bet with your friends on NFL games rather than through a sportsbook. The app keeps track of every bet you make and features live scores and betting odds on all United States college and professional sports. The chat feature allows you to trash talk with your friends about their picks.
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  2. NBA

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    what is the best bookmaker app for NFL if you live outside the united states? who offers the best promotions and free bet offers?
  3. Paddy68

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    Bet365 is a European bookie that offer a parlay bonus of up to 50% on U.S. sports. Basically if you place pre-game parlay on NFL American Football, NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball and NHL Hockey games and you are successful, you will earn a bonus ranging from 5% to 50%. And the app is bloody great too
  4. Alex

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    are any of the US friendly betting sites offers free bet deals to coincide with the NFL season?
  5. Sebastian

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    Good question, we've had a look at the various US sportsbook and here are the best offers that we could find.....
    • Earn up to $75 in bonuses every time you bet live on NFL and NCAA football.
    • If you place a bet every week of the NFL season you will be entitled to a $250 bonus.
    • Refer friends to Bovada to become eligible for a free $10,000 bet on the Super Bowl.
    • Bet on NFL bootball when you join and you will receive an instant 50% free bet up to $250.
    • >> Read our Bovada Sportsbook App Review

    Carbon Sports is another quality US sportsbook that works great on any type of smartphone. Even though they don't offer any specific NFL offers or promotions, you can still take advantage of their initial deposit bonus. They will reward you with free bet to the value of 50% of your first deposit. Read our full review with download instructions here.

    BetOnline is mobile bookmaker that we recommend to our US based readers. In addition to their 25% welcome bonus, they also offer a $25 free play when you use their live betting service for the first time and a $50 bet when you place your first mobile wager. All these offers can be used to place risk free bets on any NFL game. A full review of the BetOnline app, with set-up instructions can be found here.
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  6. Donald

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    I can't wait for the NFL 2015/2016 season to start. Does anyone know of any good bitcoin bookmakers?
  7. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Probably the most established and most trusted bitcoin sportsbook is CloudBet. They offer the highest betting limits, that go as high as 20 bitcoin for both the NFL and the English Premier League. Their mobile betting software looks and functions great too and is compatible with any type of smartphone or tablet. Betting lines are available for both the NFL and NCAA Division FBS. You can also wager on the Canadian Football League.

    US sports bettors can sign-up with just an email address and you won't be asked for any other documentation so your identity is completely anonymous.
  8. Kicking King

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    Has anyone used fantasy gambling apps like DraftKings or FanDuel to bet on college or pro football games? Can anyone tell me how they are different to regular online sports betting sites and why they are legal in the USA?

    FanDuel are giving away $5 million dollars every Sunday during the NFL season while DraftKings have a guaranteed top prize of $2,000,000 for their weekly NFL fantasy football game so they're obviously pretty popular betting apps.
  9. Sebastian

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    DraftKings and FanDuel run daily and weekly contests where you pay a small free to enter a fantasy betting contest. You are allowed to pick your players for each contest and the person with the best performing NFL team at the end of the day wins 1st prize. These fantasy betting sites are legal in the United States because there is an element of skill involved in picking a winning group of NFL players.

    Both FanDuel and DraftKings have been approved by Google Play, making them the first NFL gambling app to feature in Google's app marketplace.
  10. Rosemary

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    i've been using draftkings since the start of the nfl season this year and i'm loving it. now that draftkings and fanduel have been shutdown in new york, is anyone else worried that the sites will eventually be shut down permanently and we'll lose our deposits?
  11. Sebastian

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    I think it is highly unlikely that anyone will lose their deposits. Firstly, both of these companies are highly regulated and have to be able to guarantee player funds in order to operate. These aren't offshore sportsbooks that can disappear in a puff of smoke. It was always likely that certain states would ban fantasy betting but they are still perfectly in most parts of America so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  12. Sebastian

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    Since the NFL 2016/2017 season is about to kick-off, Bovada have increased their deposit match bonus from 50% to 100%.
  13. Alex

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    Can anyone recommend an Android app for tracking NFL betting lines and trends?
  14. Sebastian

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    Yes, you can download the Sports Insights Android app that displays and tracks College Football and NFL betting lines from a couple of dozen bookmakers in Las Vegas and off shore. The app features graphs which make it pretty easy to see American Football betting trends on your iPhone or Droid.
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  16. Rosemary

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    What about the twitter app for Android or Apple phones or tablets?
  17. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    No. For now NLF live streams are only available from those desktop TV boxes.

    You can watch highlights of recent NFL games and replays of almost a hundred classic games on YouTube if you visit the NFL YouTube channel.
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  19. Zeta

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    Do you need a U.S. cable subscription to access the live stream on the NBC app or can we watch here in the UK also?
  20. Sebastian

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    The Crowd's Line is a new betting tips and predictions app that is 100% free and uses the combined knowledge of the entire community to deliver winning NFL betting advice. Tips are also free for many other US sports and leagues, including the CFL and NBA. Here is our discussion thread on The Crowd's Line tipping app.

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