New Blackjack app for Google Glass

Discussion in 'Android Casino Games' started by Sebastian, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Sebastian

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    Ever since we first read about wearable technology like Google Glass and Apple Watch, we've wondered if they would have any real world application in the world of mobile gambling. Well we finally have an answer following the release of the world's first Google Glass casino app. An app development team called 6Beyond have just released Google Glass Blackjack game build in GDK (Glass Development Kit) that is free to download.

    The bad news is the blackjack game currently only offers play for fun games, although we're sure that many online casinos will be keeping a close on developments to see whether wearable technology could be the next major growth area. The Google Glass apk file can be downloaded directly via their website

    It remains to be seem if casino games will available on the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy gear smartwatch.
  2. Paddy68

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    Not that Google have effectively killed Google Glass I wonder will developers continues creating casino apps for the wearable device.
  3. Toby82

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    Google announced that they are releasing a new version of Google Glass but it will be targeted more at professionals like surgeons and other occupations where a live camera might be useful. Looks like most wearable technology development is happening now for the Samsung Android Galaxy Gear and the Apple Watch.
  4. Sebastian

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    This is a video of a Google Glass blackjack app...

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