How to improve the gambling experience on mobile devices

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    We came across this interesting interview with Magnus Jern recently where he outlined where many online gambling companies are going wrong with their mobile gambling software. Here is a quick run down of some of the main points he made.
    • Jern claims that many of the major online sportsbooks, poker sites and casinos have already stopped innovating. They've build products that work and they see no need to continually invest in R&D.
    • He thinks that the older and more established the company the more they are struggling with developing innovative gambling apps. They simply develop a miniature version of their online gambling experience for iPhone and Android devices rather than creating a whole new experience specifically for mobile.
    • Many companies were innovative in the early days of mobile but they made money too easily and now they've gotten lazy.
    • According to Jern, companies should be completely redesigning their betting software from a mobile users perspective.
    • Online gambling operators need to listen to their users and get constant feedback in order to continually improve their gambling apps.

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