High-end poker cheating apps now available to buy online

Discussion in 'Android Poker Apps' started by Sebastian, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Sebastian

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    At the recent DEF CON 24 conference, Google technology expert Elie Bursztein spoke about a sophisticated Android app that lets players cheat. Bursztein managed to track down the smartphone online and purchase one for $1,400. The smartphone is shipped with a number of marked decks that allow the device to predict what opponents cards are. The dodgy cards are marked using a special type of infrared ink that the camera on the phone is able to decipher. The phone looks like a regular Android phone and to start cheating all you need to do is launch the "Games" app on the device. What is even more startling is that these phones and apps are currently being used in Las Vegas to help players cheat.
  2. NBA

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    $1,400? Sounds like a scam. Las Vegas casinos are pretty good at spotting cheats. You'd be kicked out before you made a $100 back.

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