Bet against your friends with new Peer-To-Peer Sidebets Android app

Discussion in 'Android Sports Betting' started by Sebastian, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    A new type of sports betting app appeared in Google Play this week that allows users to place real time bets against their friends and social buddy's. Unfortunately, since online or mobile gambling is illegal in many countries, user can only bet virtual money against their friends. The tagline for the new app is "Screw the bookie, bet your friends"

    What's really neat about this new Android app is that it keeps a running tab of wins and losses so you know where you stand against individual friends. The app is called SideBets and can be download for free.

    Although SideBets Social BETworking say it's just for fun and they don't encourage real money sports betting, how many people who use this app will actually use it place bets against friends? We will certainly be using it :)
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  2. Black Horse

    Black Horse New Member

    What an awesome idea for a sports betting app. Me and my mates are always placing bets on various things but it's hard to keep track of them, particularly when you are a little inebriated when you place the bets. Now I'll know exatly which of my friends owes me money :)
  3. frankly

    frankly Member

    great idea but i don't understand how these guys are going to make money? i won't be investing.
  4. frankly

    frankly Member

    here's a video demonstration. works great considering it's free.

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  5. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    I guess they'll give the app away for free for a few years and home that they become the dominant player in peer-to-peer betting. Once they reach a certain tipping point they could starting charging a dollar for the app. I think Whatsapp have proven that this can be a pretty lucrative strategy.

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