Best NBA playoffs betting app?

Discussion in 'Android Sports Betting' started by NBA, May 6, 2012.

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    I'm looking for the best Android sports betting app for this years NBA playoffs? The mobile sportsbook would need to welcome U.S. sports bettors, gives the latest results and scores and offer the best odds on each game. Any pointers?

    It would also need to be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note.
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  2. Donald

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    I have a feeling you will find it difficult to find a single Android app that does everything that you need. I've been following the playoffs this year via the official NBA Game Time app. It can be downloaded free from Google Play. It has its glitches but it is still a pretty solid app considering it is free. You can customize the app to feature whatever team you are following. You can also watch video highlights from the various games and see up-to-the minute stats and scores.

    There is a premium version that offers additional features like live radio broadcasts and additional live video but I haven't tried that.

    When I want to place I bet I typically use either the BetOnline or JustBet apps. They're both really solid U.S. sportsbooks. I've never had any issues making deposits and withdrawals with either. The JustBet app is probably the slicker of the two sportsbook apps.
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    The Bet365 mobile app streams NBA basketball games to iPhone, Android and Nokia Lumia devices. The streams are free to anyone who has a funded account with Bet365. Last year they streamed most of the NBA playoff game on both their website and betting apps in a number of countries, including Ireland and the United Kingdom. Just visit their site and click on "Live Chat" to find out if the NBA playoff games will be available in your country this year. Here is our review of the Bet365 sportsbook app

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